4 Simple Exercises That Help Shape Your Body

There are great exercises available for you to do at no cost in order to reach that goal. Do not take these in isolation, the idea is to give you these great tips to compliment other regimes of weight loss you may be involved in. These exercises are effective when done regularly with healthy eating and getting enough sleep.


Yes, we all know what running is. But do you know it benefits? Running helps you burn calories fast, improve your heart health and tremendously reduce the risk of depression. If you have not been running for some time and you begin, you realize that your muscles especially thighs become stronger and firmer. If you get tired quickly by running try jogging. With time, you will begin to run in awe!


Cycling is one of the common ways to sweat and work your legs. Not only that, but you also get to strengthen your back, arms, and thighs. I feel the fun of the speed and soothing morning breeze on my face. You can do it alone or bring your friends along for company. Like most exercises, it helps your heart work more efficiently. Consider riding to work if your home and work aren’t too far apart.


Swimming is a pleasurable way of keeping the weight off. After a swim workout, you feel like you have actually exercised the whole body. I will encourage you to take lessons if you don’t know how to swim yet. It will be worth your time. It helps build muscle mass and gets you more toned. Swimming is very good at protecting your joints from stress and strain because of its no ground impact. It’s quite good as a breathing workout and heart strengthener. One can have fun swimming seamlessly when with family and friends without a conscious effort to burn calories.

Skipping Rope

We all have jumped ropes one time in our life or the other. Do you remember the last time you jumped ropes? Perhaps in your childhood. It can be really fun too especially with your kids. I like this workout because it can be done almost anywhere. It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time. Additionally, you put direct stress on your ankle, knees, and hips but very low impact than jogging. Rope jumping is also very good for your heart and keeps those calories in check.

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