14 Habits You Need To Break To Lose Weight

A large number of people today suffer from the problem of obesity. People feel they struggle a lot with weight problems even when they are following the right diet and exercise.

Yet on deeper introspection, one finds that we all have some bad habits that make us gain weight.

Some of us indulge ourselves in fatty desserts, treats, and extravagances without thinking of its result and outcome in our weight.

The small things we do in our daily life have a big impact on body weight.

If we can identify the bad habits that cause obesity, we can be aware and stop doing those things.

We will give you some tips about this. The following are the habits you need to break to lose weight.

1. Skipping Breakfast:

Breakfast is an essential meal of a day, and skipping it is a bad habit that causes obesity.

The protein, fiber, and other nutrients present in the first meal of the day help satisfy the hunger and feel full that stops you from overeating.

It increases energy levels. Breakfast also contains healthy fats that are good for health.

If you skip breakfast, you will eat unhealthy fatty foods like sweets and cold drinks later in the day.

Thus, avoid skipping breakfast. Start the day with a good breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoothies made with fruits and veggies.

2. Taking Fat-Free and Low Fat Foods:

A habit of eating low-fat foods is one of the causes of weight gain. Even though such foods have less fat, they increase sugar levels with a rebound hunger.

Fat-free foods and low-fat smoothies have high carbohydrates and sugar in it.

It causes hunger pangs, and the body stores more amounts of fat.

If you want to lose weight, do not use low-fat foods and foods without fat.


3-Taking After-Dinner Treats:

Taking after-dinner treats containing high amounts of fat and calories can increase the risk of obesity.

A habit of eating sweets, desserts, and ice creams after dinner is a bad habit of making you overweight.

Avoid this habit. Use healthy options like drinking water or tea after dinner.

Choose drinks without calories. The best option is not to eat anything post-dinner.


4-Living an Inactive Life without Exercises:

Living a sedentary and inactive life without physical activities is another bad habit that makes a person overweight.

Eating fatty foods increases the weight when you don’t burn it with exercise. Instead of being inactive and sedentary, lives an active life. Do regular exercises and workouts.

Start by making a habit of walking daily a little till you can walk for half an hour per day. Do jogging, cycling, and other exercises that help in losing weight.


5-Removing Healthy Fats from the Diet:

Some people have a habit of removing healthy fats from the diet in order to eat a fat-free diet.

Cutting out the fats entirely from the diet is not a healthy option thinking that it will reduce the weight.

The fact is that healthy fats do help in fighting obesity as it stops cravings of foods. It makes you feel full for a longer time while controlling the blood sugar levels.

Eating nuts with healthy fats is a good option. Take almonds and walnuts as snacks. Replace unhealthy fats like vegetable oil used for cooking with healthy fats like coconut oil.


6-Not Sleeping Well:

Obesity increases due to insomnia and sleeplessness. Sleeping for less than 5 hours makes you gain weight.

People who sleep very less are likely to gain belly fat more than those who sleep well. Getting a good sleep at night is essential for controlling the weight. Sleep well for 6-7 hours daily.


7-Eating Foods While Watching Television:

Eating food when you watch television is a bad habit that makes you overweight.

It induces a feeling of amnesia in which you forget the amount of food you are taking without realizing it.

Thus, stop eating large amounts of chips and other fatty treats while watching the television at home.


8-Taking High-Calorie Foods without Nutrition:

Eating high calorie foods like chocolate and chips makes you gain weight very fast. Such foods do not have any nutritional value.

Junk foods, doughnuts, and baked foods like cakes and pastries increase obesity levels. Avoid taking such unhealthy and high-calorie foods.

Do not stop at the roadside food shops and stalls to eat burgers and fries.


9-Drinking Alcohol:

Taking alcohol can make you gain weight. A single drink may seem harmless, but it actually makes you less inhibited and increases the appetite.

Alcohol contains very high calories, and it is one of the main causes of obesity.

Thus, quit alcohol completely. Start quitting alcohol slowly initially by stopping alcohol for one month or taking a single drink in one week to lose weight.


10-Eating Free Complimentary Restaurant Foods:

Eating complementary foods offered at a restaurant free of cost is a bad habit that makes you gain weight.

It includes foods like breadsticks, tortilla chips as well as salsa.

Such foods have high-fat content that makes you obese. The restaurant treats and junk foods have very high calories with no nutritional value.

Thus, avoid eating restaurant complementary foods and treats.


11-Eating Big Portions of Foods:

Portion distortion by eating a large portion of foods in a single serving is a mistake that increases the amount of food you eat, and it makes you obese.

Avoid eating a large portion of foods you take a one serving. Reduce the portion size by taking less food at home and restaurants.


12-Emotional Eating:

Emotional eating for feeling good and improving a bad mood can make you overweight. Avoid this habit.

Do not eat fatty foods and treats under the effect of emotions like feeling hungry, upset, negative, and low esteem.

Do not use foods as rewards for personal achievements. Adopt healthy habits, like being honest and fighting negative feelings. Instead of using food as a reward, take a walk or watch movies in place of that.

Love yourself to deal with negative emotions.


13-Drinking Soda Drinks and Diet Soda:

Besides eating fatty foods, it is also harmful to take sugary drinks like soda. A habit of drinking a single or two soda drinks in a day makes you gain weight.

The soda drinks have high sugar content and calories. Even taking diet soda can make you overweight.

Diet soda is made with artificial sweeteners that increase the appetite, thus leading to obesity. So, avoid drinking all types of soda drinks and diet sodas.


14-Eating Sandwiches with Mayo:

Using fatty sandwich stuffing like high-calorie creamy mayonnaise for making sandwiches is a big mistake that increases the fat levels in your body.

Avoid sandwich stuffing with high and calories. Instead of that, use healthy options like mustard, vegetables, and other low-fat stuffing for making sandwiches.


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