10 Expert Advice To A Great Workout

What are you doing on the couch and not working out instead? The comfort of leaving your bed and couch can be a very difficult thing to do. But the onus lies on you the individual to stay fit and healthy. Here are a couple of tips for you:

Realistic Goals

Being fit and healthy does not come by itself or by imagining it. It is a habit one cultivates gradually. One cannot start working out and expect to do long hours of workout. Rather, it starts from few minutes of workout then gradually you build on your level of intensity, time, and endurance.


Consistency in working out is a secret most of us don’t know about. The more consistent you are with your workout, the more you build on your intensity to work out. And that includes working out on your workdays. Consistency is built gradually, bear in mind I am not talking about speed. Assuming you start 15/20 minutes walk on a treadmill and you do every day, you are being consistent and adding time as well. And before you realize it, you can run long distances. And that is how successful fitness is achieved.


You have to be passionate and loving yourself during your workouts. Happiness comes from within every individual and that makes you feel less tired. How do you find happiness in your workouts? For instance cycling, walking skipping, hiking, running, etc. are all examples of cardio exercises and other exercises are a great way of making yourself happy. Choose the exercises that work out best for you and make you happy while at it.

Exercise Routine

There are various forms of exercises that one can do. Exercises, in general, can be categorized into four: balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Weight training helps you to build strength and balance whereas strength training keeps your muscles toned. So to have a well-balanced workout, your workout routines should include cardio/aerobics training for endurance workouts and strength training for muscle toning.

Importantly, it is advisable you consult an expert on just how much of cardio and strength training you need so you know where to concentrate most, and some stretches too.


Workout Companion

The challenges of working out are not easy, it can be equated to one needing a companion in life, you need a friend/companion for your workout sessions. Companions who will motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle like you want. And you too do same to the person, thereby being each other’s strength and guide.


You need to get inspiration to keep going so far as fitness is concerned. That is why you need to set realistic goals, get a workout companion, happiness etc., are all sources of inspiration to you. You need the drive to keep your mind on your set goals.You also need to read somewhat and listen to or watch fitness trainers on their blog post.


You should bear in mind that fitness is not a one or two day’s thing. It takes time to build fitness and always remember that tolerance plays a big role here. “You don’t see results just as you start to workout” Get inspired like I said from fitness coaches and listen to the story of others, how they achieved theirs.



You have to work out at times that you are comfortable and ready to workout. Others will work out early in the morning while others will do it best late afternoon to evening. Where do you belong? Find that convenient time for yourself and workout.


Do It Yourself

Don’t send anybody to do those activities that will engage your body somehow. Usually, we make the excuse of letting others do minor activities or jobs that are in a way a form of exercise. You don’t have to hit the gym to drop that few pounds or workout intensely but engaging in physical activities is very important. For instance, you don’t need to get some individual paid to shovel snow from your driveway because you can burn between 300 – 400 calories doing just that.



Working out includes burning some energies so therefore don’t cut back on carbohydrates entirely. Fruits and fiber foods are also very necessary as well as proteins just so you fuel your body with enough energy for you workouts.


Fitness is a state of the mind. Follow these tips; setting realistic goals, consistency in your workouts, have a regular exercise routine, be happy, be inspired, be tolerant, know the best time to work out, do some unrelated workout physical activities yourself and finally don’t skimp on carbohydrates entirely. I hope these tips help you to workout, tone your muscles and ultimately lose some weight in your quest for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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