Fitness Strength Goals To Shape Your Body

How fit are you? For your body, mind, and spirit to act together and properly, I recommend a few fitness strength goals. But to stay fit, confidence and motivation are key, with focus and a healthy eating lifestyle. You should enjoy working out because you love your body and you want to keep fit and keep up a good-looking body. Men have always been and can easily work out while, on the other hand, women have been ‘lazy’ and unable to stay fit. Hitting the gym and doing your favorite workouts geared towards toning your muscle and not necessarily building your muscle is the way of staying fit. A few amounts of weight lifting isn’t bad since you can build a beautiful body to rock your halter tops. That way, you can appreciate and love your aesthetic body. Now let me introduce you to my favorite four simple but not that simple strength exercises. Strength exercises are not very easy for starters, but you become use to it with time until you have a hang of it.

25 Serious Push-Ups

My first favorite exercise would be push-ups. 25 serious push-ups are a must to include in your routine workouts or part of your fitness strength goals. To push up, lower your body to the floor and place your lowered body in a comfortable place to start., Move up and down gradually on 25 counts, with your head to toe well straightened. One of the benefits of push-ups is how your muscles at the back get well-stretched as well as your biceps. Create that lean muscles to boost your metabolism, get your muscles tight and strengthened to keep you fit all the time. I repeat for starters it’s not easy, hence, you take it one at a time. An added plus with push-ups is the strengthening of your abs.

Tips for effective push-up: You have to keep up a straight, tight body in a vertical line. Keep your elbows at a 45° angle. Remember to breathe in and hold as you move down, and breath out as you move up. Make sure to bring yourself down until your upper chest/sternum almost touches the floor.

5 Serious Pull-Ups
Pull-ups are difficult to do so just do 5 serious ones in your routines. With a bar, pull up by lifting and lowering yourself up and down the bar. And just do a 5 count of pull up only. Ladies, I have good news for you; pull up and get a toned waist, stay slim and get a beautiful back to wear your dresses without straps. Every beginner will not get it easy but stay motivated and focus if you want to attain your goals.

Tips to an effective pull-up: Don’t open your arms too wide thereby reducing the pressure on your shoulder. Hold yourself firm, straight and pull up and down in a vertical line. In this exercise, lay emphasis on your latissimus/lats. Always make it a point to make your upper chest/sternum reach the bar and not just your chin.

10 Front Squats
Here, this exercise will do a lot of magic on the buttocks, thighs, hip muscles and without a doubt your abs too. Personally; I recommend the bodyweight front squats. I find it more effective than the back squat. This exercise puts your muscles in the lower body at work and checks your flexibility also.

Tips for bodyweight front squats: Before squats, try to integrate some glute activation drills. You have to release your grip and not hold onto the bar. Keep arms crossed so that bar can rest over the front part of your shoulder. As you squat, keep your back straight and head up while you parallel your thighs properly.

4 Reps 1.5× Deadlifts
Deadlifts are one of the lightweight exercises that basically work your hamstrings glute, which helps to develop muscles’ of the lower body. It is one exercise that gets your hip flexors, quads, calves, forearms, traps, middle and lower-back all engaged. You have to know these guides to deadlift properly. Become lean and strong, and grow a firm butt.

Tips to bodyweight 1.5× deadlift: Severe injuries may occur if you don’t deadlift with your back neutral. Bear in mind to keep bar to your legs the whole time of the exercise. A rowing exercise is advised to individuals who have problems with their back.

Lifting weights and having strength exercises add shape to your body. Ladies, do you want to have a beautiful, shaped and toned body? All you need to do is to factor these weight training in your workout routine in addition to the required nutrition. Discard the notion that fitness strength exercises are for men only. Over the years, we have perceived strength exercises differently. But times have changed and a different ideology has come to play. 25 serious push-ups, 5 pull-ups, 4 cool front squats, and 1.5× deadlifts are your one-time workout needs.

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