To Lose Weight – I Had A Goal

And who says losing weight was easy? Gone are the days when I felt horrible looking at myself in the mirror. I felt heavy and overweight. I wasn’t very happy with the reflection I gazed at. I knew I had to shed some of the weight off. But the question was how? As with most people I wanted a quick fix, trust me I tried some but to no avail. For a very long time, I kept saying it, yet not knowing what to do or how to go about it. Well in my quest for a solution I found out, the quick fix wasn’t going to cut it. I needed a combination of a little bit of this-and-that, to reach THE GOAL – of losing weight – that is.

Let me share my six elements to losing weight. These tips are essential to include in any other formula for losing weight. One needs to follow a trail of what to eat, enjoy more physical activity and exercises, controlling your hunger with water and other foods that are low in calories. Making it a point to reduce sodium, saturated and trans fat is very crucial. You would have to also watch your sugar intake whiles keeping small portions of food you eat. Most importantly what you take into your body at night. These goals will help you keep track of yourself as well as guide and give you the push.

Low-Calorie Foods and Water

Controlling your hunger with water and other foods that are low in calorie is a onetime goal if you want to  lose weight fast. Why is water good for you? One of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps control calories. The benefits of drinking water are enormous; drinking eight glasses of water daily is enough. You will be killing two birds with one stone by drinking enough water. You will be controlling your cravings for foods that are high in calories and fizzy drinks. Whiles you maintain a balanced body fluid, energize your muscles, keep your skin looking good etc. Now, high-calorie foods can be consumed but in very small portions. Fruits, raw vegetables can also be taken at intervals to control hunger. A bite of cake and chocolate every now and then is okay, so long as you don’t get ‘addicted’. My advice would be to stick with fruits and veggies as long as practicable.

Keep Track

One of the goals to losing weight fast is following a trail of what to eat. Do your best to think of a way to keep track of what you eat. This is because you kind of plan your meals and not just grabbing anything to eat out of haste in the office, an event to catch up with or running out of the required food. Writing down what you eat helps you take a critical look at your food habits so you can make changes when necessary.

In other words, a food journal will be of great help to you while you want to lose weight super-fast. What is your daily total calorie goal? Answer that question and keep yourself in check with what you eat and just how much calories you take daily.

Physical Activities

This comes as second nature to ordinary guys but not to the overweight. To the obese, this is actually not fun…punishment will be the right word here! Now, enjoying physical activities and exercises is another goal to losing weight fast. Do not shun away from physical activities in the first place because it’s work and stressful for you. Rather get involve with those activities which are good for the heart and body as a whole. Have a regular exercise daily to make you healthier and happy too. Trust me you will begin enjoying these activities with time though initial muscular sweet pain is guaranteed – no pain no gain – right? Studies have also shown that regular physical activity can also boost your self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress, and other diseases.

Regular physical activities help your bodies lose weight, keep it off and give your heart and body strength too. It also helps you burn calories consumed into the body. I usually recommend skipping as well as dancing and brisk walking, which is the best exercise to work on your nerves. If you can have a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise weekly, then you are good.

Sodium, Sugar, Saturated and Trans Fat

Making it a point to reduce sodium, saturated and trans fat as well as your sugar intake counts a great deal in losing weight and keeping it off. By all means, you will consume these foods in one way or the other, but the big deal is being conscious of what you consume especially when they are your favorites. Sodium, fats, and sugar are high-calorie foods and should be consumed in small portions. Have lean meats and before cooking chicken, remove the fats. Fish is another that is very good for your meals. Processed meats, some canned foods, cheeses, bread, cereals, sauces, are foods high in sodium. Just be sure to not exceed your daily total gram of calorie intake.

Store Only Small Portions

Another way of losing weight super well and keeping that weight off is keeping smaller portions of food you eat. Your favorite foods and cravings should be kept in small portions. This trick works well for people who can’t keep their appetite in check so long as what they love to eat is in plain sight. To start losing weight you have to struggle a whole lot, especially with those foods high in calories which you love. It doesn’t mean you have to skip breakfast, instead consider these foods for breakfast: avocados, oatmeal, banana, grapefruit, apple, watermelon, sweet potato, cherries, berries, black beans etc. Such foods contain proteins and fibers that will help you burn calories. These will help you kick start your day and boost your calorie burn before noon. Eat more fruits and vegetables to get full so that you eat less of carbohydrates.

Night Eating

Finally the type of food to eat at night counts a lot when you are serious about losing weight. Having a good sleep is very good for the body system. There is no problem taking a few bites of something before bedtime. What foods do you avoid during the night before bedtime? Red meats, sugary foods, high fat-filled foods, spicy foods, and snacks are not good to take before bedtime. The biscuits, cakes, chocolates, and all the cookies interrupt your sleep. These foods interrupt your sleep and make you consume more calories. Late night cravings for snacks won’t help you. Refrigerators must also not be stocked with big portions of such foods to avoid waking up to consume.

It is a big deal to start your goals, but it becomes easier when you follow these goals laid out here: Just be determined and these goals will guide you through. Follow these goals and make yourself sexy and have that lovely self you have always wanted. Good luck and I hope the benefits you enjoy would be shared with friends, family and anyone who needs help.

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