Over Weight And Its Risk Factors

According to the CDC obesity prevalence map; in obesity prevalence in 2014 across the states and territories report, it was reported that no state has a prevalence of obesity of less than 20%.
Over weight and obesity has become a leading ill health in America and globally. Over weight can happen as a result of a medical condition. Other reasons which depend solely on your sedentary lifestyle are what have made overweight and obesity very serious today. These lifestyles inclusive of inactivity, unhealthy diets, among others cause an increase in fat deposits, excess fluids and muscle mass. This in effect gives you an enlarge body weight. This article will highlight the causes, prevention and associated diseases with overweight and obesity.

Why You become Overweight
For one reason or the other, you can’t tell why you are overweight. You gain weight over the period as a result of the calories you consume each day and the calories stored is more than the ones you burn. These calories you are not able to burn accumulates to give you more fat and some muscles. As your body weight increases, the amount of energy, that’s in the form calories that your body needs to function while at resting also increases.

Over weight and obesity is a threat to your health.

Genetic Influence: Did you know that your genes affect your every aspect of your development, adaptation, and physiology. In a study by the Harvard public school, it was discovered ‘that consumption of fried food could interact with genes related to obesity, placing an emphasis on the importance of reducing fried food consumption in individuals genetically predisposed to obesity.’ Body fat for individuals varies and obesity is no longer a health issue for the rich or particular class of people. That is why it has become a global health issue to tackle. How do your genes contribute to overweight and obesity? Depending on each individual, your genes can affect the excess fat stored in your body and where these fats are stored in your body.

Now genetically, there are factors within you the individual that can make you become overweight. Categorically, when there is a history of overweight or obesity in your family (parents), you stand the 80% chance to become over weight. So your genetic influence MAY BE a leading cause of your over weight.

However, recent findings have also come out to say that genetic factors make just a small contribution to overweight and obesity in the average person.

Environmental influences: The environmental influences are outside forces that greatly comprises of your lifestyles. As I said in my introduction, lifestyles that are sedentary are the main causes of overweight. You will agree with me that a lot of today’s activity is unhealthy and very detrimental to our well-being. Right from the lifestyle of your mother during pregnancy affects your weight too. These include;

*Poor feeding in babies and children: In general, is a leading cause of obesity and overweight. Children who were introduced to a lot of junk foods, sugary beverages, and highly processed foods are vulnerable to over weight in their adolescent and adult life.

*Stress levels: You will agree your work schedules do not support a healthy lifestyle. Am talking about your long working hours, which makes you sit for so long as well as eating the high-calorie food you ordered while sitting right at your desk. All these lead to overweight when you are unable to hit the gym and sleep properly due to inadequate time.

*Some Medications: Getting over the counter drugs and self-medication makes you vulnerable to overweight. Your physician knows best which chemical combination might not be good for you and those that cause some related problems with others. So always consult a physician.

*Pregnancy: To gain weight during pregnancy is healthy for every pregnant woman and her baby. However, to become too much over weight may come with its related complications. Losing weight after pregnancy is not difficult but it’s not easy either for most women.

Health Diseases Associated with Overweight & Obesity
Your health is at risk most when you become over weight and obese. What I am trying to say is, even though you put on a lot of weight and you feel normal, there are lots of diseases that you become vulnerable to. These health risks include; high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart, diseases, stroke, etc.

Overweight is bad for your health, therefore, try to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent these health risks.

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