10 Effective Ways to Increase Metabolism

Burning calories is no easy thing to do. Actually research has discovered that men tend to burn more calories than women. Frankly, we can’t cheat nature, why do I say that?  Men between the ages of 30-40, tend to have larger muscles and less fat than women the same age category which makes them burn more calories even when they are at rest. This means that women in this same age bracket have a slower metabolic rate. Therefore, women -not excluding men- in particular, need to take control of their metabolic rate one way or the other.

Indeed eating healthy is just not enough, it is important to hit the gym and do more strength training exercises. A quick look at what you need to pay attention to in order to control your metabolism.


Don’t Skimp on Water

For a Weight Maintenance Plan, Did you know taking 8 glasses of water daily is the best way to keep the body hydrated? To burn fat or calories, the body depends on water to recharge your metabolism. Drinks with sugar and additives can’t be replaced with water since they have the tendency to increase your calorie level. Another way to increase your water intake is taking very fresh fruits.

Drinking enough water should be easy as you can fit that into your journal. Also, drinking cold water daily has come recommended by some German Researchers to help quicken metabolism.


Eating in small Portions 

It is very important not to eat large portions of meals. You can schedule to take your meals every 3 hours instead of eating large quantities of meals. Healthy snacking in between meals helps to fill up your stomach quickly, thereby eating small amounts of food.


Quality hours of Sleep

The recommended hours of sleep for everyone is just 8. Lack of the 8 hours of sleep takes a toll on your body gaining weight. For a good night sleep always do away with technological gadgets like TV, computer, phones, etc that are destructive and disturbs a peaceful sleep. Light in the bedroom should be put off as well.

Sleep also controls your level of appetite and cravings and most of all rejuvenates the body. It is advised to go to bed early to prevent stress and fats.


Green Tea

Green tea increases metabolism. Green tea is found to contain polyphenol which strengthens the rate at which your body turns food into calories. Additionally, green tea contains antioxidants.


Work Out

Workouts should be a part of you especially more of aerobic exercises which will increase your cardiovascular endurance. Your metabolic rate rises during workouts which get your body’s muscles turn on. Hence do more of strength training to build muscles too because as your body burns calories it depends most on your muscle. And about 8 calories is needed to support every pound of muscle daily.


Never Skip Breakfast

It is a well-known fact that weight losers want to skip breakfast for the obvious reason. But research reveals that skipping breakfast is not the best. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it energizes your morning when you combine good and fewer carbs with protein and some fiber for your breakfast.


Avoid Energy Drinks

This is a personal experience, I took energy drinks almost every day because I wanted to boost my metabolism. And yes it did just what I wanted every day. Gradually with time, I began having sleep issues and high blood pressure. My doctor advised that I stop taking the energy drinks because it contained high levels of caffeine and Taurine. With energy drinks, you will burn calories and increase your metabolism but may suffer the effect of sleeplessness, high blood pressure, etc.



Yogurt is one of the protein-rich foods we get. Yogurt is loaded with protein and vitamins particularly the Greek yogurt. It provides enough energy to sustain your workouts as well as helps you get flat abs. However, note that plain yogurts are the best because there are no added sugar and calories. Yogurts also contain some potassium that can help adults not develop high blood pressure. Sometimes taking a glass of yogurt with two sliced wheat bread and berries is a perfect breakfast meal.


Liver Detoxification

You need a healthy liver to increase your metabolism and drop those pounds you want to. The liver is known to carry out metabolic processes such as regulates fat storage, supports digestion, controls blood sugar, etc.,

And one of the liver’s most important functions is identifying those nutrients that need to be absorbed and the unwanted nutrients that need to be flush out. Now when the liver gets choked with toxins it becomes difficult to carry out those metabolic processes. Hence you need to give your liver a good cleanse sometimes to enable an increase in your metabolism. A healthy diet plan is required to cleanse your liver. And hey, pulse there on alcohol and drink enough water.


Chili peppers

Chili peppers are wonderful for boosting your metabolic rates. It is a natural spice that you can use to season your favorite meals. The heat derived from both red and green chili peppers give a quick boost to your metabolism and work on your nervous system as well.

So weight watchers and everybody out there, wondering what and how to control your metabolism? well, above are a few ways you can follow. 

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