Overweight And High Blood Pressure

There are many diseases you are prone to when you become overweight. Did you know that overweight and obesity, in general, contribute to high blood pressure? In the United States today, obesity and high blood pressure (hypertension) are on the rapid rise. High salt intake is attributed to high blood pressure and the average Americans are known to consume more salt/sodium than is required.

According to the American Heart Association, the recommended amount of Sodium to take daily will help you keep yourself in check.
Now, high blood pressure (hypertension) is the basis for the development of heart diseases, stroke, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol, etc.

What is high blood pressure?
One function of the heart is pump blood through the arteries to the rest of the body parts. The intensity or how hard your heart pumps the blood through and against your arteries is what is termed Blood Pressure.
Therefore, if your blood pressure reads 140/90 continuously over a period of time is called High blood pressure.

What Are The High Blood Pressure Risk Factors?
Many risk factors including:
• Your Race; There are some races who are more prone to high blood pressure than others. The black race is the number one race compared to the white race.

• Your Age; As you age, you obviously stand the risk of developing high blood pressure. And it is a fact that once you age, you begin to experience slow metabolism from the age of 45 and above. Therefore you have to do a lot to Boost Your Metabolism.

• Your Family History/Background; It happens that high blood pressure can also run in the family. Depending on your family background, it can be said whether high blood pressure runs in your family as a result of high body fat, high cholesterol, etc.

• Alcohol; too much alcohol consumption. The best you can do is to drink alcohol in moderation. Too much alcohol causes damage to the heart. If you can’t stop drinking alcohol completely which is the best, it is recommended for men and women to take two and one bottles respectively.

• Stress; what most people don’t know is that stress affects your weight. Stress affects you mentally and physically thereby affecting your hormones especially high levels of stress. Why We Gain Weight When We Are Stressed

• Smoking; too many cigarettes or tobacco can affect your weight levels. As much as your lungs stand the risk of getting damaged, your blood pressure and heart rate rises, and arteries narrows. This in effective makes you gain weight.  

• Inactiveness; The less active you are the more weight gain because the body is not pushed in any way to burn calories. Regular exercises and physical activeness help you to burn calories and keep the body healthy.
Possible Medical Conditions; medical conditions can result in overweight and again result in high blood pressure.

Is Blood Pressure Related To Weight?
Once you begin to gain extra pounds you begin to experience high blood pressure. More than 70% of overweight men and women risk having a rise in their blood pressure today. That is why it is very important that Weight loss is the best option you have to keep your blood pressure in check. Also, there are other ways to lower your blood pressure. Some of these ways include:

*Reduce sodium/salt intake
*Drink Alcohol in moderation
*Healthy diets including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat non-diary milk
*Regular exercise: 30 minutes of exercise every day can help lower your blood pressure

Can Weight Loss Help Reduce hypertension?
It is the right way to go. Weight loss through healthy lifestyle changes will bring your body back to its proportional weight and help reduce the high blood pressure. A lifestyle filled with healthy diets and activeness will make you keep burn fewer calories gradually and YES, you are there. Weight Management and Blood Pressure is an effective way the American heart association has said.

The first thing I recommend is to keep a food journal/diary. This should be coupled with self-conscious activeness and physical activities. This food journal will keep you in checks and gradually you will lose 1 pound going every week as well as reduce calories daily. Eat healthy foods such as:

*Take whole-grain food. Say STOP to refined or processed starches. These processed starches include white bread and rice, pasta, etc…Rather be more concerned about whole grain foods like oats, wheat, millet, corn, brown rice, etc. Whole grains mostly tend to be brown while processed starches are white in color. Whole grains have very nutritional value compared to refined starches and that is why whole grains are best for you. It is recommended to Eat 3 or More Whole-Grain Foods Every Day

*Take rich fiber foods like vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins and minerals to boost your system with digestion and general health. Vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, Brussels sprout, lettuce, spinach, celery, etc are healthy and fruits such as oranges, apples, berries, pineapples, etc.

*Drink a lot of water. At least the recommended amount of water for the human body is eight to ten glasses daily. Water helps you get fuller and prevent you from feeding on fizzy drinks and beverages as well as unnecessary snacking

*Eat small portions of food. Eat a healthy meal filled fiber, protein, and vegetables. These meals should be balanced with fruits and water as mentioned above. Stop eating too large meals and in too many big plates and bowls.

I leave you here with much to read on overweight and high blood pressure and how to deal with yourself and probably help friends and family to understand this and how to elevate themselves from this condition. Live healthily and become a happy person always.

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