Eggs and Weight loss

Losing weight is a difficult thing to achieve since gaining weight was just easy. What makes weight loss difficult is the discipline needed to achieve your goal. To lose weight there are a few tips that should help you. In this article we will look at how eggs can help you lose weight.


Can eating eggs help you lose weight?

Yes, and this is because eggs are rich in protein and low in calories. And consuming more protein and less calories promotes weight loss. Studies show that eggs can help you eat fewer calories as well as lose more weight and body fat.

Replacing Eggs with grains in meals generally would induce greater satiety, reduce perceived cravings, and reduce subsequent short-term energy intake throughout the day. And these can be achieved when you take eggs for breakfast.


How can eating eggs help you lose weight?

So far, the best meal to include eggs is during breakfast. Breakfast meals with more eggs inclusive than cereals increases satiety, reduces hunger levels and generally gives you a lower desire to eat after the breakfast.

Consuming eggs during breakfast also help reduces your calorie consumption for the day. Therefore, its relatively important to be on a calorie controlled diet

That simply means to curb the intake of calories by adding eggs to your diet. For instance, a meal of two hard-boiled eggs and a cup of mixed vegetables contains about 274 calories. But, frying eggs with oils or butter remarkably increases the caloric and fat contents.


How many number of eggs is recommended?

Due to high cholesterol in egg yolks, past studies have restricted the consumption to one or two whole eggs a week and the cholesterol guidelines recommended not more than 300 mg per day.

Harvard, in a recent publication said dietary cholesterol had little influence on blood levels of total and "bad" LDL cholesterol. Instead, it is dietary saturated fats that raise these blood levels.

Therefore, the consumption of eggs is not only restricted to one or two per week but up to seven. And consuming up to an average of seven eggs a week causes no harm to a person.

With this established, that the recent recommended egg consumption has gone up to seven a week, eggs are safe to consume and they are nutritionally high in protein, vitamins and minerals, low in calories and saturated fats.

In all, scientifically, eggs are safe to eat therefore you can depend on eggs to lose weight as well as enjoy its other benefits.



A low calorie-controlled diet is what you need to lose weight so that is why it’s good you add eggs to your diets due to its ability to keep you satiated, which will reduce your hunger levels and lastly reduce your cravings throughout the day. But check with your physician before you consume too many eggs.

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